criteria for international peer reviewed journals 1

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In general, peer review is the process by which experts approve scholarship in their particular field of research. Single-blind review and double-blind review are two popular approaches. In a single-blind review, the reviewers know the author’s identity, but the author does not know the names of any reviewer. A double-blind review takes the anonymity one step further by guaranteeing that the reviewers do not know the name of the submitting author, who, as with a single-blind review, does not know the names of the reviewers. Both review approaches promote objectivity, accuracy, and quality.

While these two approaches are most popular among scholars, a more recent approach calls for open- peer review which allows both the author and reviewers to know each other’s names. Supporters of open peer-review argue that such critical feedback should be available to other scholar/practitioners, thus making the knowledge base in the field stronger. Additionally, global advances in technology allow the more efficient sharing of information and promote international scholarly collaboration.

The assignment 1-1.5 pages and choose an article from an international peer-reviewed journal. Everything must be cited properly since this course is all about APA Writing. This instructor has been tough to please.

The paper must include:

  • the title of the article, the name of the database where you found the article, and the link to the article.
  • explain the criteria you used to determine whether or not it is a peer-reviewed journal article.
  • explain the importance of using peer-reviewed journal articles as a scholar-practitioner in your particular field (Public administration).
  • give an example of a situation when material that is not peer-reviewed would be acceptable for a scholar-practitioner to cite.


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    Ware’s report defines peer review and outlines the benefits and critiques of peer review and provides some alternative approaches. The report is based on an international survey of 3040 academics expressing their own practices, attitudes, and perceptions of peer review.

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