criminal justice research paper

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Complete a 12-page research paper on any topic in our criminal justice field.If you are not sure of your topic, please e-mail me beforehand for feedback and/ or suggestions prior to beginning writing your paper, remember, your research paper is your final exam and is worth 100 points of your grade, therefore, make sure your topic is applicable to this course.I advice students to work on this assignment (i.e. your final exam) with sufficient time.Do not wait until the last minute to begin writing.I suggest work on 2-pages every two weeks to ease this assignment.I will be more than glad to review your work as you write and give you feedback. All students should aim for a good quality paper and take sufficient time in this assignment.

The title page, abstract page, and bibliography do not count for the required total pages.Cutting and pasting from outside sources in order to complete the 12-page paper requirement is not acceptable as a means of completing this assignment.Previously submitted papers for other courses are not accepted. DO NOT plagiarize your paper, as I will find it, and you will receive an “F” in the course NO EXCEPTIONS OR EXCUSES.Your work must be original and be your own work in this course.Your research paper is due on the day of the final which I will e-mail you and should be submitted through blackboard.Note, I will run all papers through TURNIT IN and check for plagiarism.

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