crime scene investigation process

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AbstractThe process of crime scene investigation is to help establish what happened and to identify the responsible person. During the process it is needed apply the scientific method, logic, law, and reasoning. This research will defines the crime scene, explains types of crime scenes, reviews the role of physical evidence in crime scene investigation, and scientific crime scene investigation. The scenes is documented using written notes like video and photography. An investigation must not leap to an immediate conclusion as to what happened based upon limited information but must generate several different theories of the crime. Like, there are different types of crime scenes include outdoors, indoor. Each of them, along with the nature of the crime committed have different procedures. The three level crime scene security system, the classification of physical evidence, the concept of macroscopic and microscopic crime scenes.

Minimum Format Requirements for the Term Paper

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  • Students are expected to write one concise and succinct term paper of 10 double-spaced pages of text without going over the 12-page maximum. (Note: A cover page, abstract page, and a work cited page do not count towards the 10-page minimum paper length requirement).

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