CPMGT305 University of Phoenix Fund Raising Project

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Resources: Fund Raising Project Selection case in Ch.
2 of Project Management: The Managerial Process

Complete the “Assignment” section after
reading the Fund Raising Project Selection case in Ch. 2 of Project
Management: The Managerial Process

Complete the paper discussing the project rankings in
350 words.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.


Assume you are a member of a class on project management. Each
student will join a team of 5–7 students who will be responsible for creating,
planning and executing a fund raising project for a designated charity. The
fund raising project has two goals: (1) raise money for a worthy cause and (2)
provide an opportunity for all team members to practice project management
skills and techniques.

In addition to completing the project a number of deliverables are
required to complete this assignment. These deliverables include:

a) Project Proposal

b) Implementation Plan

c) Risk Management Plan

d) Status Report

e) Project Reflections Presentation

f) Project Retrospective/Audit

Approved projects will receive $250 seed money to be reimbursed
upon completion of the project.


Every project must meet the “must” objectives as determined by the
instructor. There are four must objectives:

All projects must be safe, legal and comply with university

All projects must be capable of earning at least $500.

Page 61 All projects must be able to be completed within nine

All projects must provide an opportunity for every member of the
project team to experience and learn about project management.

Among the factors to consider for the last objective would be the
extent there is meaningful work for every member of the team, the degree of
coordination required, the extent the team will have to work with external
stakeholders, and the complexity of the project.


In addition to the must objectives, there are “want” objectives
that the instructor would like to achieve. The following is a list of these

Earn more than $500 for a charity

Increase public awareness of the charity

Provide a resume worthy experience for students

Be featured on local TV news

Be fun to do


You are a member of the class priority team in charge of
evaluating and approving fund raising projects. Use the provided proposal
evaluation form to formally evaluate and rank each proposal. Be prepared to
report your rankings and justify your decision. You should assume that these
projects would be held at your university or college.


The project is a three-on-three basketball tournament to raise
money for the Down Syndrome Association. The tournament will consist of three
brackets: Co-ed, Male, and Female teams. There will be a $40 entry fee per team
and additional funds will be derived from the sale of commemorative T-shirts
($10). Winning teams will receive gift baskets consisting of donations from
local businesses and restaurants. The event will be held at the university
recreational center.

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