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200 words Directions: Assemble a
correct APA-style Cover page followed by the abstract. Write an
abstract based on your chosen topic and thesis. Read “What Is an
Abstract?” in your Module 2 Cover Page and Abstract folder and watch the
video “How to Insert a Running Head in Less Than Five Minutes” before

What is an Abstract?

What is an abstract?

Your initial abstract will a brief,
single-paragraph summary of what your Persuasive Argument research
paper will be about, including the position you are taking on your
topic. The thesis statement will be included in your abstract.

What’s included?

As much as possible at this point
in your writing, include your paper’s purpose, main points, method,
findings, and conclusions. If you have not yet reached a conclusion, nor
researched thoroughly, include what you expect will be your conclusion.
After your paper is completed, you can always go back and change it or
add to it as long as it stays within the word limit.

How long should it be?

The abstract’s length should be a
minimum of 150 words and a maximum of 250 words; it should be confined
within a single paragraph. Unlike in other paragraphs in the paper, the
first line of the abstract should not be indented.

What are Keywords? At
the end of the abstract, a list of the important words related to the
paper are listed. Leave one line of space after the abstract and begin
the next line with the word “Keywords” in italics, followed by a colon,
and indented a half inch. See page 586 in Rules for Writers, 8th Edition for a sample of an abstract.

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