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This is a group PAPER. We have decided to split to paper into 3 sections and mine will involving production and cost Analysis and the global analysis for Netflix.

so for this paper you will just focus on my part which is just going to be added to the final paper when every other person submit theirs.

  • look at the production and cost Analysis for Netflix
  • look at the global Analysis of Netflix


The instructor as asked that we use this link for this assignment. You can look in detail at subscription growth (demand) in US and the rest of the world, competition from others, and rising cost of production.

The Course Paper question

The economic analysis project is an applied analysis demonstrating the students’ ability to utilize economic concepts and tools for managerial decision-making. Given that many working professionals are used to receiving information from an accounting perspective, often an effective approach to presenting economic analysis is to contrast it with the traditional way that data has been analyzed.

There should be a specific problem, issue or product as the focus of the report. The project may relate to a business venture, company performance, specific work-related issues or even a personal development analysis.

The analysis should utilize at least three different economic concepts and methods of analysis. Mention it clearly in the introduction. At least one of the three should involve a quantitative or computational application. This is feasible even if actual data is not currently available as you may often use proportional, regression, percentage or ratio relationships and even hypothetical data to demonstrate the appropriateness of the method or model of analysis.

Some of the areas to consider for application include supply and demand, demand estimation, consumer utility, elasticity of demand, economic forecasting, supply analysis and estimation, marginal analysis, opportunity costs, production cost analysis, sunk costs, price determination, risk analysis, market structures, pricing theories, Investment analysis etc. Any of these topics, as well as others, may be used at a conceptual, theoretical level to fill the two other applications requirements. Remember, the goal of the analysis to make a decision. Even if all of the analytical concepts or methods do not clearly delineate one obvious choice, your report should conclude with a justifiable decision.

While the textbook is an excellent source for much of your analysis, you are to cite and apply a minimum of four academic journals or professional sources. (Note: The class article reviews that you and your colleagues present could be an excellent resource.) The final report should follow CTU writing guidelines (APA) for general formatting purposes. However, as this is an applied report there is greater flexibility in layout. Use visuals, graphs, tables, etc., to enhance, simplify and clarify the information being presented. Put detailed calculations and supporting data in an appendix.

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