Core beliefs

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et aside an adequate amount of time to thoroughly consider your core beliefs. By “core beliefs”, I mean your views regarding values, ethics, and moral issues.

You may find it helpful to make a list of the issues of greatest importance to you and make note of your view of each. Your list may include god, medically assisted suicide, abortion, human cloning, the death penalty, the legalization of marijuana, should one always tell the truth, same-sex marriage, and/or a number of other issues.

Select an issue that is important to you.

1. State the issue.

2. Explain your point of view/opinion.

3. Discuss the origins of your view/opinion.

4. Discuss the influences affecting the development and current version of your view/opinion.

5. Has this evaluation affected your point of view/opinion? If so, how?

This is to be your analysis of the process whereby you’ve developed your position on an issue of importance to you. This is not intended as a defense of your specific position. Please do not attempt to prescribe your point of view to others or use your response as a platform to debate the merits of any specific issue. Again, this requirement regards the process whereby you develop, maintain, and/or adjust your point(s) of view. Prescribing or debating the merits of a given point of view will result in minimal points for this requirement!

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