Contaminant Scavenger hunt, environmental science homework help

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Fill out this worksheet by filling out the information for each contaminant:

Find products in your home or surroundings that contain the following substances: heavy metals, harmful solvents, volatile organic compounds or vapors, pesticides, and radiation. Be creative in your search; the products can be household items or those that you are exposed to on a daily basis. You must find a total of 10 contaminants. Include at least one contaminant from each category.

  • Classify the contaminant as a heavy metal, harmful solvent, volatile organic compound or vapor, pesticide, or radiation.
  • Identify the source or sources of the contaminant.
  • Describe how the contaminant affects plants and humans.
  • Identify how the contaminant is absorbed–routes of exposure–and distributed–transport.
  • Identify the toxic response, or symptoms.
  • Describe how the contaminant is eliminated, or detoxification.

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