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Hi, we’re doing a company audit on a small business but since its not a public company its hard to gather information. We might have to make most of it up with research. We are doing our research on a painting company, they paint residential/commercial. They do not have a website so I will provide the information I have and upload the background and history of the company to help you get an idea of the company. I need 3-4 pages single space. I need a business major that knows about business.

Question to answer:

-What are the major innovations if any that the company is proud of? I don’t have an answer

-What is the formal structure of the company? Corporation, he employs contractors

-Does their culture support or constrain innovation in the company? I don’t have an answer

-Who are the major drivers of innovation? I don’t have an answer

-Does the company maintain a cycle of incremental innovation punctuated by radical innovation? How is this ensured, if not what are the implications? I don’t have an answer

-Explain in detail, the distribution, pricing, marketing, operations, financing global, and sustainability aspects?

Pricing: walls- $1.70 per square foot

cabinets: im not sure

outside paint: im not sure

He charges also depending on the quality of the paint, finish of the paint, and texture on walls

-How do they maintain customer relationships? Examine their product/service development process and how/if they use appropriate protection mechanisms. I don’t have an answer

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