conduct an interview with someone who represents a unique subculture

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Find a person to interview who represents a unique subculture. (Remember that a subculture is a specific, unique section of a larger culture.) Find the most interesting person with the most interesting story.

Schedule the interview using your best interactive skills; remember to be complimentary, gracious, and enthusiastic.

Research the subject you will discuss and the person you will interview to get background for your interview (use your background knowledge, the Internet, the library, and your personal contacts to fill you in on your subject. What can you find out on your own about this subculture?) Keep notes and source cards so you can create a report later.

Compose a set of research questions that are open-ended and focused. (Put them on note cards to use these cards during the actual interview.)

Submission requirements:

  • The name of the person and subculture (subject) of your interview.
  • A list of 10 facts (your interview subject may not agree with these) about the subculture from your research (not from the interview).
  • A list of 10 facts (your interview subject may not agree with these either) about the person you will interview.
  • A list of 10 open-ended focused interview questions in the order you plan to present them.
  • The date/time/location you will conduct your interview.


Open your favorite magazine or webzine again. Think about interviews in newspapers and television/radio talk shows. Think about all the different ways interviews can be presented. Sometimes they look like script; sometimes they are funny or sarcastic; sometimes they have a photo-spread; sometimes the quotes are embedded, and the conclusions are more important than the person interviewed.

  • Look for all the different ways interviews are conveyed to audiences.
  • Think about how the writers/editors may have decided what to keep and what to edit out.
  • Think about how all the questions seem connected or in a logical order. Do you think they were asked that way?
  • Look and listen carefully for the analysis and commentary of the interviewer. Do they have an agenda or a message? What is it?

Give some thought to how you will present your finished interview to an audience. Consider how you will “spin” the interview.You may want to have someone else video-record your presentation, or you may want to take photos for a print layout. Look as some options below to decide how you will present your interview. You will choose one of these formats for your assignment. (SEE ATTACHMENT A FOR FORMAT EXAMPLES)

Conduct the interview (mock) and then chose format type and prepare as stated in format description.

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