Completely Revise the attached essay

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The attachment has correction please make this essay better and follow the guild-lines and instructions.

Look at all the parts of your Essay 2-introduction, key points, examples from the text, secondary source material, and your conclusion.

How can you revise, or “re-see,” the second essay to make it even better than it was?

Your grade on this will be based on the revision and on your analysis of
your revision process.
Presents significant changes that enhance the development of the original
essay. Effectively incorporates and addresses comments from the previous
essay toward changes. Includes elements from self-assessment allowing for
improvement of revised draft. The Newer draft is better overall than
originally submitted.
Contains an introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. Points follow a
clear progression and flow in distinct body paragraphs, and are thoroughly
explored in body paragraphs. Points logically lead into each other. Strong
use of transitions.
Quotes and sources are properly formatted and cited. The document contains
all of the following MLA formatting details: double-spacing, headers with
page numbers, paragraph indents, correct works cited.
Perfectly polished and clear writing observing correct grammar, effective
and clear style (concise and formal, use of third person only), with no
Provides complete and thorough worksheet addressing each question fully.
Answers show depth in considering revision process toward assignment.

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