Complete Proposal Development Worksheet – Techinal Writing

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Learning Plan 1



NOTE: Each week throughout the quarter you will be learning content that will help you develop a formal proposal project for this course, which includes a final paper (in APA style) and professional oral presentation. The assignments for each week will build on each other and contribute to the final paper (excluding assignment 3). It is important to stay on top of your coursework to ensure you do not fall behind, since each assignment will be a piece of the proposal project. This is a writing-intensive course, so be sure to review the requirements for the final paper and professional oral presentation.

LP1 Assignment: Proposal Topic

This assignment will assess the following competency: 1. Explore key topics in technical writing.

Directions: Very little money is spent in this world without a proposal of some sort first laying out a project and then justifying why it is worth the cost. Whether you are obtaining funding for your work, suggesting changes where you work, selling a project, or bidding for a project, you will need a proposal. Proposals attempt to persuade the audience to take direct action. They are an important part of planning, research, and sales.

Proposals take great care to write. You need to know your audience and be informed about the subject matter to write a successful proposal. Furthermore, many proposals have an oral presentation component as well, what might well be called “The Pitch.” The recipient of the proposal would be given a formal, paper copy, but then an individual or a team would give a presentation in hopes of winning approval.

For your final paper in this course, you will be writing a formal proposal paper that will be solving a problem, improving a situation, or satisfying a need related to your field of study. Research is an important component to this paper, so be sure to select a topic that is researchable (mostly through primary sources). You may need to spend some time researching your field of study to gain an understanding of areas in which further research could be done.


For this week’s assignment, you will begin considering the purpose and topic for your proposal paper. Complete the Proposal Development Worksheet to help you develop your specific audience and purpose.

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