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Answer Discussion Question:

Explain how “Directed Patrol” can be used as a patrol strategy to reduce crime.

Respond to two posts below:


Directed patrol is a strategy that addresses criminal activity within a community. The program attempts to prevent crimes beforehand and encompasses community involvement and support. There are many ways that this the Directed Patrol can be used as an effective patrol strategy.

     For instance, increasing police patrol in communities, with officers who aren’t required to focus on serious things, makes the community feel more secure, as well as put them on alert and add a little fear.  This alone deters crime. Security guards are one thing, but if an actual police officer is in front of a business, then its almost positive that people wont rob it, or any other business within a close vicinity. 

     If you notice a police car on the side of the road, more than likely you’ll slow down, even if the vehicle isn’t occupied. If that same police car is there on a regular basis, you would take precaution by not speeding, assuring your seatbelt is on, and that you’re doing all the right things, before you pass by that location. Directed patrol, in my opinion, works the same way, just in more of a community like environment. 


Directed patrol is what allows officers to really establish a better relationship with the community and the citizens that live in it. By going to fixed areas regularly when not called to do other things, it allows the people to see you making an effort to better their neighborhood as well as showing those who are not fans that it’s time to shape up or ship out. In addition to crime reduction it also gives kids something to look up to and motivates them to do better. A great example would be the Gainesville police department who not only played basketball with some kids after a noise complaint, but was able to have Shaq join them and start a non profit organization to help better the community.

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