Complete 2 short discussions

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AT LEAST 200 words each


After completing Part I of Faust, characterize either Faust or Mephistopheles. In your response, you should consider the following:

  • Character’s attitude toward the world
  • Character’s primary motivation
  • Character’s strengths or weaknesses
  • Discuss ethical and moral considerations of the character

Develop a substantive main thread addressing each part of the prompt in full. Your initial thread should be three paragraphs in length (200+ words) and provide textual evidence. You should provide at least one direct quote from the source formatted in MLA Style.

For more information about MLA Style, see the Purdue Online Writing Lab here:

Outside sources are not required. However, if you consult outside sources for help interpreting the story, be sure to cite the sources in-text and include full citations for them in the Works Cited section.

Discussion 2:

Prior to 1950, the death rate was high, which kept the numbers of humans from increasing rapidly. In the 19th Century, the agricultural revolution increased food production. The industrial revolution improved methods of transporting food and other good. In the 20th Century, advances in medicine, sanitation and nutrition have decreased the death rates further. These factors combined to produce the rapid growth of the human population in the 20th century.

Explain 4 factors (inventions or public health measures) that decrease the death rates of infants and small children that lead to our exponential population growth.

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