Complete 1000 word analysis for English Comp Course

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Compose a response paper that analyzes the main character in either

“A Rose for Emily” (Emily
Grierson) or “Soldier’s Home” (Krebs) by addressing one or more of the following questions: (please FIND THESE ONLINE)

specifically, is the character’s CONFLICT(S)? What causes the character’s conflict, and how is it resolved? Does
the character change over the course of the story? Does the story’s POINT OF VIEW affect how we
interpret/react to the character’s actions? How might either story’s SETTING help us to better understand the
character?Finally, is there a particular Critical Reading Strategy that you think would best help interpret the

• Your analysis should contain at least TWO direct quotes and TWO paraphrases, and it should
include an MLA formatted Works Cited page. Hint: Your textbook is an anthology. 

• Remember to double space your paper, include an MLA heading, MLA pagination, and ensure that
you are using 12 point Cambria or Times New Roman font. At minimum, your paper should be
1000-1200 words. For reference,this documentis ~350 words

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