Compensation Management

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Question A – “Compensation Systems Fit with Business Strategies” Please respond to the following:

Discuss the relationship between the strategic decisions and
compensation practices of your current or former organization (Alternately, you
may conduct online research to select an organization of your choice). Next,
identify at least two (2) advantages and disadvantages associated with the
compensation practices. Based on your response from the first part of the discussion,
explain whether the organization’s approach to compensation management is a
good fit for its business strategies. Provide rationale to support your

Question B“Compensation Tactics and Practices” Please respond to the following:

Some industries appear to pay higher wages than others, even
when measurable labor quality or the type of work they do seems similar. Use
the Internet or the Strayer Library database to research one (1) company in a high
and another in a low paying industry. Next, examine the key differences in the
inter-industry wage differentials (e.g., IT vs. Retail industry). You will then
need to summarize your findings within your discussion post. ·Discuss at least two (2) factors that you believe influence
inter-industry wage/salary differentials. Support your rationale.

Question CPerformance Appraisal Processes” Please respond to the following:

·From the case study of
your textbook, discuss two (2) issues associated with Precision’s current
performance appraisal process that may pose a challenge for Jackson to
implement a merit pay program. Provide support for your response.·Referring back to the case study in Chapter 3 of your textbook,
recommend the most appropriate appraisal process that you believe will provide
a reliable assessment to support a merit pay program at Precision. Support your

I’ve attach the case
study it’s about half a page, but there’s 2 pics because it continues unto
another page.

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