comparing two non-US film research paper (Claim), but not summarizing the films.

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Hello all,

10 page double space research paper. It is an analytical close reading comparing how two non-US films from different countries present a similar theme, issue, and problem with French old film.

 you have to choose two non-US film and take one, two, or three seen / shot from each one and than analytical close reading. They have to be in MLA format. 

There should be formal an outline. The paper has to be organized One introduction (the thesis is in the last sentence in introduction), several bodies, and one conclusion and You should write your own conclusion..

Do not summariz the films.
thesis simply
claims that you will present what
others have said about the films 

 Please below there is a Research Paper Guidelines shows how the Pro would grade the paper. Please read it carefully.

*I will send to you a great example about this paper.*

Thank you so much

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