comparing the ethical issues they raise related to the filter bubble, Response 2 writing homework help

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As you reply to your classmate, attempt to extend the conversation by examining their claims or arguments in more depth or responding to the posts that they make to you. Keep the discussion on target and try to analyze things in as much detail as you can. For instance, you might consider comparing the ethical issues they raise related to the filter bubble with your own. 50 words or more.

After watching Ted Talk, I initially felt a little angry. In a way I feel like these search engines are keeping tabs on me and violating my privacy. I couldn’t help but think back to many times when I was reading something online and an ad would pop up for an item I had previously searched. That always seemed really random. Then, I began to think a little further about all the extremely random and goofy searches that I have performed in the past. I literally use the Internet to find the answer to any question that I have. If I understand this video correctly, by doing that I could potentially prevent myself from getting the best answers to my questions.

The filter bubble can be good and bad. When it comes to remembering my location or remembering my past searches and showing the same results, that convenience is nice. But, I believe that the filter bubble in more of a hindrance than anything. If I don’t have access to all of the search results, then that means there is information out there that I may never know. This past week I struggled with finding creditable online sources for my research; now I wonder if my filter bubble was holding back information.

Going forward, I am going to make sure to do all that I can to get the best results from my searches. I have already changed the settings for Safari on my phone to “don not track” and I the same for the privacy settings on my computer. I also will delete my cookies and history. And, from now on I am going to be more careful of which results I click on first.

Hopefully, after making these changes I will begin to pop my Internet filter bubble. I feel it is very important to every type of search that I do, because I am only hurting myself and anybody else that uses my computer. I don’t like the idea of some stranger having any type of information on me, even if it is just my personal preferences. Bottom line is; if I am using the Internet to search for any type of information, I expect to get the best possible answer available.  

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