Comparing Poems Practice Multiple Choice

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1.What is the purpose of the syntax in the line “But no such roses see I in her cheeks” from Sonnet 130 by William Shakespeare?

A.It makes the poem rhyme

B.It emphasizes the figurative language

C. It highlights the speakers rudeness

D. It maintains the iambic pentameter rhythm

E. It gives the poem an upbeat mood

2.Recall the poem “Breakage” by Mary Oliver. What is the purpose of the enjambment in this poem?

A. It reflects the poem’s lack of rhyme

B. It reflects the brokenness of the scene the poem describes

C. It reveals the speaker’s disappointment at the scene.

D. It emphasizes the poems vivid imagery

E. It highlights the tired voice in the poem.

3.Which statement best describes a theme in both “Breakage” by Mary Oliver, and Sonnet 130 by William Shakespeare?

A.True beauty is hard to find

B. True beauty exists only in memory

C. Beauty attracts those with open minds

D. Beauty can only exist in everyday objects and people

E. Beauty can exist in something not normally considered beautiful.

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