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You can choose any company you want. You are required to submit a brief write-up (max one page) on a company of your choice.
This is the company you would propose to your group as a group project. There could be
many reasons why you want to analyze a particular company and provide
recommendations to its top management team or any others who might be interested in
your insights. For example, the company may be not as profitable as its peers; the
company may be stuck in old ways of doing things in a changing environment; the
company may be profitable but not highly regarded by its stakeholders, which may
jeopardize its long-term performance. In your write-up, you should explain why you want
to study the company of your choice. This will be used as a basis for your pitch in a
group discussion. That is, each group member will make a case for his/her choice in a
group discussion and group members will decide together which company to focus on as
a group.
This assignment is due on October 1. You can submit your write-up (max one page)
through a link provided on Blackboard anytime before 5pm on October 1. Except in
unusual circumstances, late submissions will be penalized.

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