Communications Challenges and strategies

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The purpose of this assignment is to help you learn about how to analyze external factors that may affect an organization in its environment. After you complete this assignment, you will be able to evaluate different factors and decide on which ones you believe are top priority in evaluating the organization’s external opportunities and threats; you will be able to write a professional report to communicate your findings.

  1. Perform an External Assessment for an organization with which you are familiar.
  2. Visit the following websites to obtain more information about the organization:
  1. Using the template provided (attached), list ten (10) opportunities and ten (10) threats that face the company. Be specific in stating each factor.
  2. Write a one page summary of your findings explaining how each factor will affect the organization. Make sure to discuss the total EFE weighted score in your analysis.
  3. Cite at least three scholarly sources to support your position.
  4. Format your paper according to APA guidelines.
  5. Submit your paper (one page summary) with the template for grading.

View the rubric to see exactly how your assignment will be graded. Use the rubric as a guide in preparing your assignment.

image od document Your document should be formatted using APA style. Not sure how? Review the APA Style

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