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First off, let me just state that any document that has 955 pages is not going to be understood by the masses, let alone the attorneys and staff drafting this document.

The most important feature in the act is the promise that everyone will be able to afford health care.  They have postulated that if you can’t afford it, there will be a subsidy (tax credit) to help with that cost.  As the cost of living increases, the cost of insurance increases, unless subsidy’s also increase, this will eat up family’s discretionary income. The main reason to have the Obamacare enacted, as stated by Obama, is uncontrolled health care spending that threatens to bankrupt the federal government, yet if Obamacare limits health insurance costs to a percent of family income, it will create an implicit entitlement that will be growing even faster than the federal government’s direct health care entitlements (mainly Medicare and Medicaid)!

Another aspect is that people will not be turned down for insurance due to a preexisting condition.  You also previously could have been kicked off your insurance plan due to requiring too much care, this was changed and limit benefits cannot be placed for preexisting conditions as well.  Keeping your child on the plan until they turn 26 years old was a benefit even if they were married, not living with their parents, or a student.  This is good for the community and public health (U.S. Department of Health & Human Services website, 2017).

Another aspect of the law is the preventive care that will be offered at no cost.  This includes preventative measures for blood pressure, diabetes, and cholesterol testing.  Many cancer screenings, counseling on lifestyle modifications; smoking cessation, losing weight, eating healthy, treating depression, and reduction of alcohol consumption would all benefit a community.  Regular and well-baby visits, routine vaccinations, screenings for healthy pregnancies, and flu and pneumonia shots are all areas of education for the community nurse to be informed about.

Just knowing where to direct people to obtain insurance on the exchange is a good place to start for the nurse wanting to assist in implementation of this law; (Holland & Higuera, 2015).


Holland, K., & Higuera, V. (2015). The most important aspects of the affordable care act. healthline. Retrieved from

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