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Recent studies show that health care spending growth has regularly outdone the economic growth of the United States (Levitt, 2014).  Also shows that health care spending is much higher than countries that are as wealthy as the United States (Levitt, 2014).  Even though the United States spends more on health care the result is not better health or living longer.

The main reason we need reform healthcare is the cost.  People cannot afford health insurance and is the number one cause of someone filling bankruptcy. Even preventive care is unaffordable for hard working people.   Most people that are low income have to resort obtaining health care in the emergency room, thus increasing cost even more.  Data shows that the most of the cost is health care is accrued in the first ten days and last ten days of life (Amadeo, 2017).  The advance in medical technology is affecting the viability of premature babies and ways to extend elders lives, thus costing more money.  Another reason why healthcare cost is so expensive is the increased number of malpractice lawsuits thus requiring the physicians to order test that are not necessary just to protect them from getting sued. Also cost of health care is high due to less price competition, people usually do not pay cash for health care so they do not negotiate cost.   It is estimated that in the year of 2030, payroll taxes will be able to cover only 38% of Medicare costs, thus increasing the federal budget deficit (Amadeo, 2017).  With health care reform cost of insurance will be lessened and it will enhance the quality of care provided by developing wellness and disease prevention programs, and prevent healthcare fraud.  Data shows that between 3-10% ($60-$200 billion) is lost to fraud each year (Amadeo, 2017), thus increasing healthcare cost even more.

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