college level labr hist of immig to canada essay outline

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This component of your final paper should be 400-600 words in length and should demonstrate to me that your research on the subject is well under way.

You will need to prepare an outline whether you choose to do a video / power point presentation, or a paper.


You should use at least 3 book or journal sources in your research (you may use websites, but they will not count among your required sources). Be certain to list all of your sources in an alphabetically arranged Works Cited (or Bibliography) page. We will explore research methods and APA style citation in Module 4.

Your outline should include athesis and abstract, along with a few paragraphs or detailed point form notes indicating the subject of your paper and the sorts of detail you will explore in it.

Outline Questions

In the outline for our major research assignment a number of questions were posed in order to provide you with a sense of the direction your paper should take. You might use these questions as headings, or signposts for your paper’s outline.

Here are those questions again, listed below:

  1. Where are the members of this group originally from?
  2. When did the members of this group come to Canada? (You should focus your essay on one particular influx of the members of this group, i.e. the Poles who came to Canada as Displaced People after WWII, rather than all Polish immigrants to Canada since Confederation.)
  3. What were the conditions (political, economic, social, historical) that caused members of this group to emigrate? How did they travel? Why did they choose Canada?
  4. Which members of the group were more likely to emigrate? (i.e. after the coup in Chile, it was left-wing people who fled the country, not the supporters of Gen. Pinochet’s rule.)
  5. What kinds of work did members of this group do when they arrived in Canada? What were their work conditions like? Did they join or organize unions?
  6. What are some of the distinctive features of this group’s culture?
  7. Did members of this group settle in a particular area? Did they settle together?
  8. What were the particular hurdles this group had to overcome in Canada?
  9. What sorts of discrimination (if any) did this group encounter? What strategies did they adopt to deal with discrimination they encountered?

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