College Composition Unit 8 Discussion Board

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Prepare: Complete Unit 8 Reading and Activities practice. Review your Unit 6 Assignment and the feedback from your instructor on your Unit 6 Assignment.

Post: Complete your initial post to the Unit 8 Discussion Board.

Revise Unit 6 Assignment. Apply what you have learned about effective integration of research, APA signal phrases, and in-text citations to integrate research and give appropriate credit to those sources.

Post your revised Unit 6 Assignment, as well as a 6th Edition APA formatted references page for all the sources you are using in your academic document.

Remember, this is the draft of your Unit 8 Assignment. The more complete your post and revisions are, the more beneficial the feedback you receive from your classmates will be.

Include an open-ended question about any issue your initial post raises which your classmates can help you with.

Respond: Respond to classmates’ postings

Respond to at least two of your classmates’ initial Discussion Board posts. Offer constructive suggestions for strengthening your classmates’ essays. Consider their incorporation and citation of sources as well as paragraph development, strength of the thesis statement, use of topic sentences, etc. Determine if they have overused or underused source information. Verify their in-text and reference page citations using APA Style Central. Provide feedback related to the question they have asked.

Review a sample student Discussion Board post.

Discussion requirements

Initial post should:

  • demonstrate effectively developed paragraphs
  • be on topic
  • be original
  • contribute to the quality of the discussion
  • make frequent and informed references to the unit concepts

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