cognitive psychology research paper

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This paper has two parts, Please strictly follow the guide i attached that is titled “paper guide” and the rubric. I can not stress the importance of following these two documents so please ensure to follow then strictly!. The plagiarism limit for this assignment is 8% please try to have less than this because the instructor is strict!! I have attached a sample of the assignment but please do not copy anything for the sample. Create an original assignment that has nothing to do with the sample. The sample is just a guide.

1rst part topic:The topic for the Main paper is :the effects of repeated sports-related concussions on working memory

2nd part topic: Proposed Research topic: Can repeated sports-related concussions predispose the individual to long term cognitive impairments?

Requirements for paper:

– 7-8 pages (this means 7-8 pages of text, not 7-8 pages total) â–ª Double spaced â–ª 12-point Times New Roman font â–ª 1 inch margins on all sides (be careful, because the default in some versions of Word is 1.25 inches on left and right)

– AT LEAST 5 primary, scientific references (from peer-reviewed journals) â–ª Found using ResearchPort â–ª Published between 2008-2019 (I’d prefer if you stay away from sources that were published prior to 2007) â–ª You MUST use primary, scientific references – that means they are peerreviewed RESEARCH articles (so, they a methods and results sections) • You MAY NOT use meta-analyses. • You MAY NOT use review articles. â–ª DO NOT USE: • Google (unless it’s google scholar) • Wikipedia • Newspapers (Baltimore Sun, etc) • Popular Magazines (Psychology Today, Time, etc) • Textbooks • Websites made for the general public (NIH, WebMD, emedicine)

– APA Writing Style â–ª APA Style Title page â–ª No Abstract â–ª Proper in-text citations and references page • NO DIRECT QUOTES â–ª Other APA Writing Style rules are followed (e.g., avoid personal pronouns, proper use of abbreviations, proper formatting of headings, avoid use of contractions, etc.)

o What your paper should be: ▪ An introduction to your topic with a clearly stated thesis statement, ▪ A summary of the published research on the topic you choose, which… ▪ …leads to an idea for a future research study, complete with a purpose, research question, hypothesis for the study, and a detailed “Participants” section. ▪ A “Conclusion” where you wrap up loose ends

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