Code Violations Paper

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are to assume the position of fire prevention officer or manager. You are
responsible for enforcement of fire and life safety codes within your
jurisdiction (fire service personnel are likely to relate directly to the fire department’s
Fire Prevention Division, while private sector personnel are likely to relate
to your organizations Safety and

Health Division).

In your position as Fire Prevention
Office/Manager, you have conducted quarterly inspections of all organizational buildings.
During your most recent inspection you have discovered five code violations:
one relating to electrical issues, two relating to structural issues, and two
relating to ventilation issues. Specific details for each of the four issues
found are

as follows:

Electrical: You find that the incoming
supply service is badly worn and in need of immediate repair or replacement.
All apparatus connected is on the organization’s “side” of the incoming power
supply and is not the responsibility of the local power supplier.

Structural: You find that three of
the nine concrete support columns in the basement of the main operations floor (apparatus
floor in fire service and production area in private sector occupancy) show
signs of fatigue and spalling of concrete is wide-spread. The second issue is
found to be visual cracks and oxidation of several of the steel trusses
supporting the roof.

Ventilation: You find that exhaust
from apparatus or machinery (whichever applies) is collecting in the upper
level area of the general working area, which has caused several personnel to
experience symptoms similar to carbon monoxide inhalation. The second issue is
the central heating and air conditioning unit, which you find has broken seals,
worn electric wires, and clogged filters.

Task:The purpose of this paper
is for you to apply the concepts and information that you have learned in this
unit about the position of a Fire Prevention Officer/Manager. This assignment
provides you with the opportunity to use your skills, expertise, and experience
to enrich your response when compiling data that will be used for risk
reduction within the community. You will compose a paper addressing all three
code violations given above. You are tasked with the job of seeking repairs
and/or replacements associated to each of the three components given above. The
final paper will be presented to the board or body of your organization with
the authority to provide funding for repairs and/or replacement of components
found during your inspection. Your paper should be composed to support the need
for funding to correct these violations.

Your paper should be a minimum of three
pages, but no more than five (not including the cover page or reference page), and
include the following:

A minimum of one page should be devoted to your mission statement.

A minimum of two pages should be devoted to three components:
electrical, structural, and ventilation.

Be sure to provide detailed narration to explain your plan to undertake
each of the three components

Keep in mind that your narrative must be
straight-to-the-point. Avoid long rambling narrations as these tend to distract
attention and often lead to confusion and misunderstanding of purpose and
functionality. Remember that you are the head of this newly formed bureau, and
you want to impress your leadership with your knowledge, academic ability, and occupational
experience. You must reference an article and a credible website ending in
.edu, .gov, or .org; therefore, a minimum of three sources should be

Note: Encyclopedias (online or
print), message boards, or any source, such as Wikipedia, that can be amended
without educated review are not considered appropriate. Failure to use
appropriate resources, or resources that are available in CSU’s Online Library,
can lead to deductions. CSU librarians can help you with your research for this

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