Close reading fiction essay

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Close reading a novel requires different techniques than close reading a poem. The length alone means that any paper you write will not be able to cover every aspect of the book as a whole. Instead, use your skills as a reader to notice patterns, anomalies, imagery, movement, characterization, or other literary devices in Lolly Willowes. What are some passages from Lolly Willowes that contain those details? For your first draft of the Close Reading Fiction paper, select 3-4 important passages dealing with something that interests you in the text. As with poetry, think about how the small details connect out to larger themes in the work.

Answer this question:

What patterns do you notice in the passages you chose and how do these patterns help you to interpret the text as a whole?

Your answer to the above question can be the foundation for your preliminary thesis, although no thesis is required for this draft.

See attachments for detailed instruction, ongoing themes, and scholars on Lolly Willowes

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