Clinical Case: GI Diet Therapy

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In this assignment you will review a case that deals with a client who has GERD.

Clinical Case:

Mrs. G. is a 45-year-old female arrives at the emergency department
where you are working with complaints of burning pain in her chest and
throat and a sour taste in her mouth. She states this pain has been
going on for years after she eats certain foods. She has a large,
extended family and does all of the cooking. She is Hispanic and likes
to cook her special recipes because she believes that “these foods are
good for herself and her family.” She is very proud of her cooking and
believes that is one of her main contributions to her family. She has
never been sick and does not like to take pills.

She is examined by the emergency room doctor and diagnosed with
Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD). The doctor has ordered
medication for you to administer. These medications include a proton
pump inhibitor (Prilosec), and a Histamine 2 blocker (Pepcid). He also
prescribes the proton pump inhibitor to be taken at home for the next
two weeks. Mrs. G. starts to feel better and is ready for discharge.
You will be providing the client teaching and discharge instructions
about GERD.

In your discussion about GERD include:

  • Dietary suggestions you would make
  • What foods and liquids she should avoid
  • What changes she should make
  • Barriers she will face in making these changes and how they can be overcome

Include APA formatted references if used.

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