classroom map and reflection

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Assignment Content

  1. Analyze three key components of your classroom arrangement that promotes and facilitates an active and collaborative learning environment.Design your classroom with the following reflection questions in mind:

    • How will you arrange your classroom to accommodate student learning for those with specialized areas?
    • Where are the students with special needs seated?
    • How will student engagement occur with this particular classroom design? Do you need multiple designs?

    Create a snapshot of your classroom.Use a photo, Microsoft® Word, Microsoft® Paint, or any other resource approved by your instructor to display a snapshot of your identified specialized areas and how the classroom design will look different.
    Write a 350- to 525-word reflection summary that includes the following:

    • Describe the characteristics of the three learning environments.
    • Assess the effect that your unique teaching style has on instructional practice.
    • Reflect on how your own life experiences, biases, and strengths influence your teaching style.

    Submit your assignment.

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