CIS 332 Strayer Univeristy Wk 6 Network Server Administration Discussion

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Imagine you work for a company that has a large network with thousands of people accessing it, often one server may not be enough to process website access, file shares, and on. To help combat the problem of your network crawling to a halt, there are some features available that can help avoid this scenario.

  1. What are some things you’ve learned about Network Load Balancing that can help spread your infrastructure’s needs to more than one computer? Can you find an example of a company that uses it or perhaps seen it at your job? Note: You can search the web for some thoughts on this, just explain what you read and include a web link to the resource you found.
  2. If you were responsible for maintaining a critical website for a business, could load balancing be used to help make sure it is always available? What did you learn from your reading about this?

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