CIS 205 Northern Virginia Community College Human Computer Interaction Discussion

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Activity 1: Rapid Prototyping Discussion

In your team locate at least 5 companies who use rapid prototyping for new products or services.

Discuss why each uses rapid prototyping, how it works, and what effect it has.

Activity 2: Prototyping

Members of the team will first work individually to make a prototype according to the MIT Prototyping Your Alarm Clock activity. Then you will partner off within your team to complete the activity.

Activity 3: Prototyping the Project

As a team complete Exercise 11-1 Building a Low Fidelity Paper Prototype for Your Project. Each member of the team should have a model they created previous to the lesson.

First have each member show their prototype and describe its elements.

Next, discuss the best elements of each one or where they overlap.

Select elements you all want to design into the consensus model. This may end of quite different from the originals as you discuss all the requirements and usability issues.

Remember this is still an early model but should represent as many of the elements for the project as possible.

Activity 4: Class presentation

Each team takes turns presenting their prototype to the class. Be sure each member of the team can clearly articulate the model and answer questions.

Other teams ask questions for clarification and extension of the others models.

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