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In my personal
opinion I believe that Christianity suffers more from internal threats
than external threats. If I tell you that I am a car mechanic and you
ask me to fix your car, if I can’t fix it I am not a car mechanic, same
concept with Christianity. People hide behind a cross and profess to be
doing God’s work have ruined the name “Christian.” People claiming to be
Christians but are observed in bigotry,
hypocrisy, negative attitudes, gossipers, Etc. turn people from Jesus
and his saving power. The most important decision someone will ever make
is depending on the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal savior for
eternity. What you do with Christianity after you are saved will only
lead people toward or away from Christianity. The above mentioned heresy
and people like Augustine have made lasting impacts on history that
push people away from the Bible and the true church. Destruction from
the inside is always way worse than destruction on the outside. Internal
destruction may take longer to develop but its effects last much, much

agree or disagree with 2-3 sentences

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