Choose something that you are currently experiencing during this semester, (though it can be something that started months or years ago.) This URP be a conflict pattern that has a long history, but the problem must also be current enough and frequent eno

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1. MY URP:

Briefly identify and define the URP in one sentence.


Write a detailed, thorough narrative; mark each subarea “a” through “e”:

a. when, where, how, and with whom the URP recurs.

b. what conditions usually immediately precede the URP.

c. how you feel just before the URP episode occurs.

d. what is said, how it is said, and what else is expressed (verbatim).

e. how a typical ‘episode’ begins, proceeds, and “ends.”


Write a brief analysis of #’s 1 and 2 above. Analysis means you are explaining WHY you think this pattern occurs: what is

behind the pattern, at the root of it? Which concepts (3 minimum) from our readings are useful for labeling and explaining aspects of this pattern? What motivates your behavior, attitudes, emotions and also those of the other(s) involved? Boldface the concepts used and place in parentheses and cite pg#’s in the selected reading.

4. PLAN:

Write a Plan for Change, with detailed explanations of what YOU are going to try, when, where, how, with whom, and to what end. Be specific. Script out what new things you plan to say, new what actions you plan to take. In essence, write a “recipe” for change based on sections 1, 2 and 3 above.


List in detail what you expect might result from your efforts.


Implement the plan (#4 above) and write down in DETAIL what occurs. Write down what was said, verbatim, including what you said and did, what others said and did in reaction (mirroring how this contrasted with the pattern as you described it in the narrative section.) Make an effort to implement more than 2 times, since URP’s by nature repeat. Your plan for change should be implemented repeatedly to begin to establish a NEW pattern.


Review and evaluate your attempt to treat the URP, focusing on what further communication changes you could implement to continue treatment of the undesired pattern. End the report with a brief, candid appraisal of what you have done with the project, including a suggested letter-grade for the project. You are required to use the section headings in ALL CAPS indicated above to label the parts of your report. Please try to limit your total report length to 2,500 words.

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