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Writing Research


Second Semester 2019-2020

Cut-off date: Week 11

Format and Word Count:

The student’s work should be a well-evidenced and documented research paper of around 1200 words.


The Research Paper should include a list of references (print and electronic) at the end in addition to in- textreferencing as per the requirements of the Harvard Referencing System. Proper referencing is a serious academicrequirement and skill and will be rewarded accordingly.

Broad Research Topics to Choose ONE from:

  1. Language and identity
  1. An Arabic or English novel analysis
  1. Language and Culture
  • The language of Adverting
  • Death as a theme in Shakespearean drama
  • Fable in an English novel
  • Defense of a villain
  • Localization as a strategy in translation
  • Second language acquisition
  • English dialects
  • Love in figurative language

Requirements and Guidelines:

1.Select ONE broad topic and narrow it down.

2.Write your research question in relation to the selected broad research topic.

3.Give a detailed outline for your paper.

4.Use at least FIVE different resources to evidence your paper. Resources types should vary to include at least THREE of the following:

§Online journal(s)

§Books, chapter in a book or an eBook.

§Articles in edited books.

§ Media resources (Movie, TV Programme, etc. . .)

5.Use resources for in-text citation and referencing. You should be able to give direct quotations, paraphrasing as well as summarizing to evidence your argument. This should follow the Harvard in-text citation style.

6.Write a thesis statement that well reflects your research question.

7.Produce an edited and a proofread research paper of 1200 words.

8.Produce a List of Reference following the Harvard Citation Style.

9.Avoid Plagiarism.

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