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Internal politics of criminal justice agencies are part of the
reality of working in this field. It is impossible to avoid politics
altogether, but it is possible to manage internal politics politely,
professionally, and responsibly throughout your career. Consider this
scenario and respond with your ideas:

You work as a probation
officer in a large metropolitan area. During the last session, the
General Assembly of your State passed a bill eliminating three probation
officers from each Probation and Parole Office across the state. Each
probation officer in your office is now clamoring to exhibit his or her
best work in an attempt to please the bosses, putting these officers in
direct competition with you. Everyone is trying to be the boss’s best
employee; going above and beyond what they normally do in an effort to
demonstrate that he or she does not need to be the officer cut.

Please respond to the following prompt:

  • What are the most appropriate and most professional ways to manage these challenges?
  • Research situations of this nature online before responding and tie what you find to your response.

It must be 200-250 in words.

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