check grammer it three pargraphs diffrent topic

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I have a smilier incident like that when I was a freshmen year. One of my friend he was mad of me, because I did not pay attention at all to his conversion for two reasons. First of all , the first reasons is I was distracted to finish all my homework at that time . Anther words, if I do not respect my self no one respect me as human. For example, if you boss tell you to do something , of course you will do it by your self. The seconds reasons is most important to respect of yourself then respect another people. which means people will not tend to you at all if you do not regards your self. Finally, what I learned from this surrounding of this situation take care of your self then take care of people. university is really different from high school so i have a smilier situation likes you. when i traveled to USby myself I was 18 years old . it was really bigs things to me because I can only go back to my country every year so it is talking me long time to see them , but i challenge my self and know I am senior year. so do not give up remember that the life will not gives a flowers under the street you have to work hard until you achieved your goals. In 2010 , I had been acceptance to study dentist major at University. At that time, I feel disappointed because I could not speak an English ,and it was difficult for me to understand the lecture. So, I decided to drop college and to go back to my city. After that, I made decision to travel to United States to study English and finance , but it was a bumpy ride because I did not have money to study. So, I went into debt to pay for my college.After that , I arrived to United States and I studied English for one year and also it was bumpy ride . When I finished my English courses and started freshman’s year . I changed my major three times. Also, I was trying to maintain my grade above 3.5 out of 4 , but I was failure. So , I decide to transfer to another university.Finally, I transfered to university and I started a new GPA. So, I am a senior for MBA and I will graduate next semester. So that , when I remember this situation I always say to my self sometime progress does not come as fast as we would like . In conclusion, the life is not easy everyone must study hard and never give up .

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