Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (film)

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Your audience is your classmates, and they want to know what the text is about, why it is important, what you liked about it, and whether you think they should read it.

1)1-2 sentences of introduction — title, author, type of text (film, book, album), and genre
2)3-4 sentences of summary — keep this BRIEF, just give us the important outline of the story
4)5-6 sentences of connections — how does this text relate to the ideas and texts we’ve been discussing this semester. Be specific.
5)5-6 sentences of evaluation and recommendation — Was it good? (It’s okay to say that it isn’t.) Should we read it or watch it? Who would appreciate this text? (Ex: If you like mystery/horror/fantasy, you’ll like this text.)

in separate paragraphs

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