Change Planning

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Navigating through change, regardless of size or scope, can be difficult. Change of any type can cause discomfort and resistance, even if the change is perceived as a positive one. Understanding how change management processes can increase success will be important to you in any future change efforts you are involved with. Assessing your own change readiness will also be helpful in working to implement changes.

  1. Review the learning activity for this unit, and complete the change readiness assessment. You will use this information as part of the discussion response.
  2. Identify a change that you have been involved with, it could be personal or professional.
  3. View: Edge Training Systems. (2007). Managing change: The complete perspective [Video].… (27 minutes)
  4. Using the readings, video, and the results of the learning activity, describe how you worked through these steps.
  5. Please answer with 300 words minimum or more with references.

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