CCS 610 UMUC Cloud service and Technology Case Study

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Define the IT Business Requirements( Use references below)

Narrow the particular requirements of cloud computing for the organization. It is important that your presentation works toward building a business case for cloud computing. Your presentation must address BallotOnline’s business requirements and critical IT requirements related to data storage. Make sure you classify the requirements into functional (behavior) and nonfunctional, as per the requirements definition link.

Building a Business Case for Cloud Computing

Your business case needs to be brief and communicate the basics of cloud computing in a manner that is easy for a layperson to understand. Analogies are a good way to convey this information to nontechnical audiences, such as your executive leadership team.

Explain:Return on Investment (ROI)

On-Premise Model

Cloud Computing

Hardware/software hosted on-premise by the organization

Hardware/software is hosted off-premise by an external organization (public cloud model).

Provisioning is based on estimated peak demand, which can lead to insufficient resources during peak periods and a surplus of resources during normal periods

Provisioning is dynamic based on actual demand.

Internal IT staff support the entire technology stack — data centers, networks, compute, storage, applications, and databases

Staffing requirements can vary, depending on the type of cloud services acquired. If all infrastructure needs are provided by the cloud provider, then an organization could eliminate many IT positions such as network administrators, systems administrators, and data center staff.

Capital expense budgets are required, and it can take a long time to add capacity or refresh systems

Capital expense budgets are no longer required, and additional capacity can be added quickly.

Departments may or may not have financial chargebacks for IT services

Billing is automated, and reports can be provided for finance to charge individual departments.

Explain- Cloud Reference Model

ExplainC-loud Architecture

ExplainC-loud Migration Methods

ExplainC-urrent Trends in Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is fast-paced and rapidly evolving, so the current trends today will be different than the trends tomorrow (Boulton, 2016).

  • Some organizations may shift away from private clouds, in favor of less expensive public cloud implementations.
  • Cloud cost containment is very important, and new cost management tools are being developed to aid in this.


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