Case Study: Harassment in the workplace, policy

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Case study: California Steel- over 100 employees – California Steel shop annex is headquartered on site where employees are building the new Apple campus.

My Role: Operations/Payroll HR person

Employee overview: Hourly workers (union), 5 female steel workers (non in supervisory positions), 28 male supervisors


  • One of the supervisors (Brad Majors) comes in to talk to everyone and brings his company phone to you and says this really doesn’t work anymore can you issue me a new phone? (doesn’t receive good signal)
  • I give him a new phone and take down the new phone number, I will also take the phone to our main campus to disable and wipe for repair and reissue.
  • Supervisor (Brad Majors) takes his new phone and goes to work.
  • I failed to take care of the phone (leaving it on my desk and going home for the evening). I come back to work the next morning to release Payroll and log on to the computer, the phone starts to vibrate. I turn on the phone and one of the female workers (Janet Weiss) is on the phone topless (This is being used as her caller id photo).

What are the next steps that you need to do? Enclosed is your investigator guide. There is no template, but you will have to fill out an investigative type form. One with a policy and the other forms (investigation guide and report) and determine what steps to embark on and take if the organization does not have a formal policy or process/procedure on board and determine if the company was also in violation of the law.

The word File is to show how you could be writing the assigment

The PDF gives you the guide on how to procede. No need to fill it out.

A minimum of 1’000 words

Essay style

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