Case Study Assignment for Entrepreneurship Course, 750 Word min. (CASE PDF ATTACHED)

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Write a paper that answers to the following questions:

Read the P’kolino case study, PDF attached. Complete an analysis that includes an introduction (statement, conclusion, three references and answers the following:

  • Does the business plan tell a coherent and compelling story?
  • Does the plan capture all of the learning that Antonio and JB have accumulated?
  • What three questions do you think Antonio and JB need to answer through further planning before they launch the venture?
  • What are the three strongest aspects of the plan?
  • What areas need improvement?

The company website can be visited at

Make sure paper body starts with a summary where there is a statement of thesis (overview of the points to be made), continues with a discussion (or specific answers to specific questions), and ends with a conclusion. The five specific questions should be annotated and have specific answers. Please double space—it’s easier for the grader to make comments.

All papers should be written in the third person (he, he, it, and they). Make every effort not to shift to second person (you, your) as in, “When starting a company, you need money.” Try to avoid shifting to the first person (I, we) as well. It is distracting to the reader and bad style to shift persons in a paper—students often do it in the middle of a sentence.

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