can you write about one of these?

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Choose one of the following essay topics and write a clear and concise three page

critical analysis essay. Be sure that your essay has a strong thesis and adequate support to back up this

thesis and includes in text citations from story.

1. In The Woman Warrior, Kingston explores how she can reconcile her Chinese cultural

identity with the American woman she has become. Write an essay in which you discuss

whether or not Kingston is successful in this reconciliation. Please be familiar with book or have access to it.

2. Write an essay in which you discuss how the women in The Joy Luck Club react to the

sexist structures that oppress them. Make sure your examination assesses how these

reactions differ. PDF…

3. How might the poems by Langston Hughes that were read for this course be seen as a

microcosm for many of the themes set forth in the rest of the literature we have read?

Write an essay in which you relate these poems to specific works.

As I Grew Older-…

Children’s Rhymes-…

Dream Deferred-


Night Funeral in Harlem-…

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