Can you explore open educational resources?

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ISTE-E 2.c. Model for colleagues the identification, exploration, evaluation, curation and adoption of new digital resources and tools for learning.

ISTE-E 4.a. Dedicate planning time to collaborate with colleagues to create authentic learning experiences that leverage technology.


This assignment is your chance to explore open educational resources. You will collaborate to create an annotated collection of open educational resources.


1. Explore the OER repositories listed in the Readings & Resources

2. find TWO specific lessons, units, or activities that you would be able to use in your practice.

The annotated part of the assignment is critical, and must include for each resource:

A. a brief description, including

  • appropriate content area, grade level/age
  • a specific way that you use/could use it in your classroom
  • the OER repository where you found it
  • a direct link to the resource

B. the Creative Commons copyright, if any

PLEASE NOTE: NO DUPLICATIONS! Once a resource has been shared it cannot be repeated. Happy Hunting

I would like to remind you of the answer instructions. Please apply them exactly as shown below:

1- Includes a complete description of TWO legitimately open/free resources (see instructions)

2- includes thoughtful, specific ideas for classroom application.

3- BOTH contributions are original to the collection.

4- Uses standard English conventions AND provides all sources.

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