C++: Shapes program: read data from txt,calculate area, perimeter,Write results to txt and the console screen

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The Shapes Program

Write a C++ program named shapes.cpp to calculate area, perimeter, surface area, and volume of common 2D and 3D shapes. The calculations for 7 shapes include:

area and perimeter of a square

area and perimeter of a rectangle 

area and perimeter of a circle

area and perimeter of an equilateral triangle 

  • surface area and volume of a cube
  • surface area and volume of a box
  • surface area and volume of a cylinder
  • NOTE: The “perimeter” of a circle is more commonly referred to as “circumference”, but we’re calling it perimeter.
  • See http://www.purplemath.com/modules/geoform.htm (Links to an external site.) for a primer on these calculations.
  • INPUT:  Copy-and-paste this data into your input file (please name it “shapes.txt”) — this is the exact data set that I’ll use to evaluate your code:
  • CIRCLE 3.2 0 0
    SQUARE 4.6 0 0
    TRIANGLE 12.5 0 0
    RECTANGLE 12.4 53.2 0
    SPHERE 12.2 0 0
    PYRAMID 14.2 6.34 0
    BOX 12.2 13.3 14.4
    SQUARE 14.5 0 0
    SQUARE 0 0 0
    RECTANGLE 14.5 4.65 0
    CIRCLE 14.5 0 0
    CUBE 13 0 0
    BOX 1 2 3
    SPHERE 0 0 0
    CYLINDER 1.23 6 0
    CYLINDER 50 1.23 0
    TRIANGLE 1.2 0 0

Note the format of this input file consists of: (1) an object type in uppercase (SQUARE, RECTANGLE, CIRCLE, TRIANGLE, CUBE, BOX, CYLINDER), and (2) the dimensions of the object as follows:

for square, 1 dimension: “side”

for rectangle, 2 dimensions: “length” and “width”

for circle, 1 dimension: “radius”

for triangle, 1 dimension: “side”

for cube, 1 dimension: “side”

for box, 3 dimensions: “length”, “width”, and “height”

for cylinder, 2 dimensions: “radius” and “height”

INPUT FILE FORMAT: The first token is the object name (for example, "SQUARE"). The second through fourth tokens are dimensions. Some calculations need only one dimension (CIRCLE, SQUARE, CUBE, and TRIANGLE); others need two (RECTANGLE, CYLINDER) or three (BOX). 

Your input file may contain 0’s for unneeded tokens if desired. For example, an input line for a CIRCLE may look like:

CIRCLE 3.2 0 0  <– since you just need radius for a circle.

INPUT FILE VALIDATION: the input file*also* has some invalid shapes, not part of the valid set of 7 that our program will process. When your program encounters an invalid shape, it should state such.

OUTPUT: Write results to two different sources — the console screen and a TXT text file. 

CONSOLE OUTPUT FORMAT. Output the object name, its dimensions (1, 2, or 3 of them), and calculated results on one line. If the object is not recognized as one of the 7 allowable object types, produce output to this effect: “SPHERE invalid object”.  The results for the above input should be as follows. Note the identifications of the dimensions and the calculated values. 

CIRCLE radius=3.20 area=32.17 perimeter=20.11
SQUARE side=4.60 area=21.16 perimeter=18.40
TRIANGLE side=12.50 area=67.66 perimeter=37.50
RECTANGLE length=12.40 width=53.20 area=659.68 perimeter=131.20
SPHERE invalid object
PYRAMID invalid object
BOX length=12.20 width=13.30 height=14.40 volume=2336.54 surface=1058.92
SQUARE side=14.50 area=210.25 perimeter=58.00
SQUARE side=0.00 area=0.00 perimeter=0.00
RECTANGLE length=14.50 width=4.65 area=67.43 perimeter=38.30
CIRCLE radius=14.50 area=660.52 perimeter=91.11
CUBE side=13.00 volume=2197.00 surface=1014.00
BOX length=1.00 width=2.00 height=3.00 volume=6.00 surface=22.00
SPHERE invalid object
CYLINDER radius=1.23 height=6.00 volume=28.52 surface=55.88
CYLINDER radius=50.00 height=1.23 volume=9660.40 surface=16094.38
TRIANGLE side=1.20 area=0.62 perimeter=3.60

FILE OUTPUT FORMAT. Output to a text file named “output.txt” in exactly the same format as the console output. But unlike the console output, skip invalid shapes — only output valid shapes. 

ROUNDING: Format the calculated results to 2 digits after the decimal. 

DO open your outputted TXT file in a text editor to see if it is formatted the same as the console output.

Submit shapes.cpp for grading. Do NOT submit any text input or output files.

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