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Now that your boss is really proud of you for your performance expanding the network at “Real Estate, Real Cheap,” she would like you to take it further. She acquires a loan office to merge with “Real Estate, Real Cheap,” and will make it “One-Stop Home Shop”. With this new merger, she wants to keep the incoming loan company separate from the existing domain you just expanded in the last few months just to see if it works out. The data that they have is easily stored and brought over for use.

The physical building is RERC’s and it has plenty to accommodate the 100 incoming employees from the loan company. Just in case, she wants you to make a backup plan for the office personnel into join in RERC’s network.

What would you recommend as the network administrator? Would you start by creating an AD domain? Would a workgroup be If you went completely without AD? What would you have in your plan to migrate the people in the loan department into RERC’s domain if your boss decides too?

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