assignment 1762

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Q1 (400 words)

Pick a joint injury, identify the mechanism of injury and what pre-habilitation can be done to prevent such an injury. Please explain.


Ch. 13 & 16 -Clark & Lucett NASM Essentials of Sports Performance Training. Lippincott, Williams and Wilkins 2010. ISBN: 0-7817-6803-9

Q2 (550 words)

What is multi-stage hydraulic fracturing (fracking), and what are the arguments for and against this technology? State and defend your position on the use of this technology.

Rich in content with interesting insight and analysis. Ideas brought together in new and interesting ways

discussions should be backed up with two scholarly resources. Collect two dichotomous views (i.e, one pro, one con), assess the strengths and weaknesses of each, make your own stance on it, and use this to facilitate discussion among your peers.

Referencing style should be APA.

The resources are best in Canada, cuz I am learning Geography of Canada.

please proofread for grammatical erros, zero plag

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