1950s seeds 60s and eyes on prize

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Using all your films, describe, with about 2-3 sentences each:

  • FIVE (5) ways that individuals in the 1950s defied the norms, conditions, or expected conformity prevalent in the 1950s. Be sure to state – in each case:
    • WHAT they did that was defiant – was was the action?
    • WHY was it defiant? How was that behavior breaking some “norm” or breaking a rule of conformity in that decade?

NOTE: Don’t confuse the 1960s with the 1950s. “Seeds of the Sixties” talks about the restricting attitudes and behaviors of the 1950s. BUT it mentions later defiance in the 1960s by various teens and African Americans. Focus on footage and information about the 1950s and take specific examples from the 1950s.

You have plenty of examples from the films; name five of them.

The Stultifying 1950s Created The 1960s

(START AT THE 1:30 MIN MARK AND VIEW TO 9 min 48 seconds)

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