create an original newsletter that focuses mental health depression in older adults 60 and up the intent of the newsletter is to educate the audience in the hopes of influencing their behavior toward healthier choices

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Use behavioral and social theoretical models to inform the development of your newsletter.

you should focus on creating materials that are not culturally limiting, meaning your created materials should not be insulting or exclusionary toward any particular culture.

Communicate the health information to the target audience using audience-appropriate language and design (including font and structure) that is inclusive (does not alienate an individual of a particular culture).

Utilize images and graphics that are appropriate for your target audience and issue and do not exclude individuals from the population. Make sure the images represent the population and that the population can identify with the images.

Create SMART goals for the target audience that will help guide changes in health behavior and be useful in measuring the issue’s improvement or changes over time.

Employ accurate, credible, up-to-date information as appropriate in your newsletter.

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