250 300 words pls refer to 12th edition of tarbuck s introduction to physical geology

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A. Continent A and Continent B visually appear to “fit” together like a jigsaw puzzle. Folded mountain ranges are found on both continents where the “fit” occurs. If the oldest ocean floor rock found separating the continents is 100 million years old, how old would the mountains of Continent A be (relatively speaking)? Are the continents moving towards each other or farther apart? Provide several pieces of evidence to support your answer.

B. What types of mass wasting plague the state of California? Describe the various reasons why mass wasting commonly occurs there. What advice might be given to land developers in California to reduce the risks of mass wasting?

C. While hiking up a mountain valley, you come upon a lake, dammed by wall of unconsolidated sediments. You suspect that those sediments may have been deposited across the valley by a glacier that has since melted away. Describe thoroughly what those sediments would look like and why they could not be from a stream. Viewing up the valley, what other clue would support it being a glaciated valley rather than a stream valley? Large boulders are strewn haphazardly throughout the valley as well? Does that evidence support a glacier depositing the boulders or a stream depositing the boulders? Defend your reasoning.

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